Fugitive Arrested For Threatening Law Enforcement Officers

Fugitive Arrested For Threatening Law Enforcement Officers

Omar Abdul-Razaq a resident of Ontario, Canada and an international criminal who had been brash enough to threaten Canadian police officials with death was arrested at Detroit’s Motor City Casino. Arrested by US Marshals after being alerted by police officials from Washington that the fugitive was most likely in the Detroit area, he is presently being held at an undisclosed place. The Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team along with the security personnel of Motor City Casino was able to capture him. It is indeed strange incident that a fugitive from Canada had to be caught on a casino floor in faraway Detroit.

About the fugitive Omar Abdul Razaq

The Canadian police was after him as he had made an open threat to kill law enforcement officers of Canada and did not want to take chances with deviants making threats. In view of recent dangers incurred by law officers in the state, which ended in brutal deaths of some of them, the government of Canada too did not want to take matters lightly. It has been noticed that police officers are more vulnerable to random attacks of violence and threats from misguided extremists and criminals. Omar Abdul Razaq may have worked for some those extremist groups, which have a delusional belief that law enforcement officers are deliberately targeting them due to religious beliefs, which forced him to threaten them.

The only danger with people like Omar Abdul-Razaq is that they are not seasoned criminals and do not have a systematic manner of committing crime, so it is difficult to gauge their moves. Though fugitives like him threaten people just as an act of bravado they are unpredictable and may threat officials just to show their dedication to some religious cause or another. People like him are generally motivated by ideology instead of regular emotions like greed or anger, making it difficult for law enforcement officers to catch them.

Though the US marshals from Detroit who arrested Omar Abdul-Razaq have not divulged actual nature of his threatening statements to Canadian law enforcement officials, it has to be  serious as law officials from both sides of the border collaborated to catch him before he could run anywhere else. It is not known either if he was caught in his room or was arrested while playing at the casino tables.