Canadian Online Gaming: Sweet Success for Maple

Canadian Online Gaming: Sweet Success for Maple

When Maple Casino (Vegas Partner Lounge’s newest) launched, Maple Casino’s Manager, Charlotte Jackson, shared some details behind Maple Casino’s success.

Maple Casino is a hit, and casino group Vegas Partner Lounge is proud of their new addition to the suite.

“Even the response to our pre-launch press release and competition has been reassuring,” says Casino Manager Charlotte Jackson, “but the really good news is the gaming activity we’re witnessing on our servers.” Charlotte Jackson says she is confident that the current signup rate will continue for some time.

Success, Charlotte believes, is due to state of the art software: “The Viper software is without doubt, the best casino software on the market. Along with its fantastic graphics and gameplay, it offers an expert play mode which will automatically play the best strategy, allowing the player to gain the very best return possible. The software can prompt the player if an error is made – which is a great safeguard, and always a good way to learn the best plays.” The casino also caters for the globes four major currencies, and offers over 200 games.

From the first press release, the response from members from across the gaming industry has been remarkable: affiliate deals, media and advertising opportunities and casino auditing. Most encouraging, however, were the countless entries from players entering our “Guess the Name” teaser competition run prior to the launch on 1 September.

“At this rate, we expect Maple Casino to become a popular Casino in its own right soon enough.” – Charlotte Jackson.

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